A Woman, In Bed was written by Anne Finger and published by Cinco Puntos Press. I designed the book's cover.
Main character Simone comes of age in World War I. She comes into her own in World War II as part of the French resistance. Frequently, she abandons herself to lust—particularly to a man named Jacques. She leaves her first husband for Jacques and spends over a decade as his lover. They eventually marry, yet Simone still sleeps with strangers, her husband the most distant of them all. What is she seeking? Simone isn’t sure. More than sex—a tenderness that lust can never fill. Just when her body feels most fragile, she meets Pierre, a much younger man, a novice at love-making, clumsy and overly emotional, a fool—yet there is something about him.
A lifelong love story not between two lovers but between a woman and her body.
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