I designed this poster of protest as a way to show the fact that I believed President Trump was a danger to the American people and needed to be stopped. It plays off of the chant his supporters spew at his rallies of "Build that wall!" to separate the U.S.–Mexico border. The fact is that the majority of Americans do not want such a wall, especially those that actually live as I do, near the border in question. 
From trying to explain how racists are "very fine people" to suggesting bleach consumption can fight the Corona Virus, and his begrudging acceptance of the need to wear a mask in public, he consistently disappointed in leading our country in a positive direction for the common good. To spare us all from the turmoil, destruction and deaths he caused since taking office in 2016, we should have built that wall—around him.
This poster earned an Honorable Mention in Graphic Competitions Protest Posters 2.
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