I designed this poster for the 4th Block association of graphic designers' Reimage Mariupol poster campaign — “Mariupol: 86 days of strength”. It honors the defenders of Mariupol, which, prior to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, was the tenth-largest city in the country. At least 8,000 people were killed by fighting or war-related causes in Russia's months-long conquest of Mariupol, one of the biggest battles of the nearly two-year war between Russia and Ukraine, according to Human Rights Watch. Those who fought waged an impossible battle and gave hope to all of Ukraine in its darkest and bloodiest hour. The campaign organizers the 4th Block urge audiences to imagine Mariupol not as a place of unthinkable tragedy, but as a place of extraordinary strength. The strength that will lead Ukraine on the road to victory.
My poster Mariupol Will Never Die, or Маріуполь ніколи не вмре in Ukrainian, attempts to foster that hope. was featured on the Facebook page of 4th Block, an international eco-poster triennial that uses the language of design to highlight the problems of ecology, the environment, and society. They were shortlisted for their exhibition in May 2024.
The international poster campaign “Stand with Ukraine!”, which started in February 2022 following Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, continues to this day. Selected posters from this project were shown in numerous exhibitions appeared in a number of publications, and were included as satellite exhibits in various poster shows in Europe and the USA.
This poster features Augmented Reality (AR). That is, it was designed to not only look great sitting still, but it also animates. You can view the animation by downloading the free Artivive app on your phone. Then, in the app, simply point your phone at the poster and watch it come to life.
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