I was contracted by the local strategic planning firm Helix Solutions to design a Tribal Injury Atlas for New Mexico and Southwest Colorado. The report provides an overview of injury among American Indian and Alaska Native people living in New Mexico and Southwestern Colorado. Topics covered include deaths and hospitalizations due to injury. Furthermore, it looks at both the Healthy Kids Colorado Survey and the New Mexico Youth Risk and Resiliency Survey to describe risk behaviors within the American Indian/Alaska Native (AI/AN) youth populations of the two states. The report also draws upon aggregated New Mexico Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System data to present injury-related risk behaviors in the adult AI/AN population in New Mexico. A special section on opioid misuse presents data on drug overdoses due to opioid misuse as well as state-level data on opioid poisonings resulting in emergency department visits.
This report featured the typical charts and graphs one would expect from such a publication, but I created section divisions with beautiful commissioned photos of the southwest, its people, architecture, and customs. The publication became a thoughtful interpretation of the data.
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