I was invited to contribute a design to We the Women, a brilliant collective effort by female designers across the country to bring awareness and action to women's rights issues in the U.S. Proceeds from the sale of the posters support Ultraviolet, a non-profit that fights sexism and supports inclusivity.
In this piece I wanted to communicate, to be frank, how fucked up a state I believe Texas is. There are way too many young women having babies when they should be staying in school. There seems to be little to nil sex education in Texas public schools. Absurd state laws make choosing the healthcare you want a needlessly taxing ordeal. As a result, it is disproportionately difficult for women especially to stay healthy here. For its aesthetic, I clearly wanted the body to be imperfect to reflect the problems with the healthcare system.
In short, women need to be the ones elected to office in this state so that real change can be enacted as the men currently calling the shots are clearly not our advocates. Oh, and LATINXS NEED TO VOTE!

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