I designed this Ysleta Del Sur Pueblo 2020 Year-End Report for the Ysleta del Sur Pueblo (YDSP), a federally recognized Native American tribe in El Paso, Texas. The people are called Tigua, and their native language is Southern Tiwa. YDSP is the oldest community in Texas and the longest-running government in the state since the tribe’s establishment in 1683.
The 2020 Year-End Report focuses on health and wellness during a turbulent period. The Pueblo dedicated the report to its frontline personnel who tirelessly worked to combat COVID-19 on the reservation and the surrounding community. Despite the strategic attempts to mitigate the impact of the emergency, the Pueblo sadly experienced COVID-19 surges resulting in the loss of seven tribal lives during 2020. This loss is significant, as the current YDSP population is approximately 4,200 members nationwide. The tribe honors those lost due to the COVID-19 pandemic with a special “In Memoriam” section of this report. The loss of these individuals will be felt for generations, and their contributions will not be forgotten. Their families and the Tigua community dearly miss them. Their memories will remain engrained in tribal hearts.
The cover features many of these frontline heroes against the backdrop of what will be the Pueblo's new health clinic. Over 750,000 Americans are now dead from COVID-19, but deaths reveal deep disparities. U.S. deaths have been disproportionately high among Indigenous, as well as in Hispanic, Black, and rural communities. In other words, these disparities highlight vast inequities in the healthcare system. While under construction, the clinic is an inspiration, and its development represents the promise that the Pueblo will have the resources to protect against future health threats.
The report features beautiful drone shots and photos, shot by Tigua member John Money, of the YDSP frontline workers at the health clinic’s construction site. The stab vegan leather cord binding is accented with a single turquoise bead to complement the cover image and the report’s overall palette, referencing traditional tribal craft. Tovar Printing, Inc., of El Paso, Texas, expertly printed and assembled the report. Helix Solutions was responsible for project management and the report’s data visualizations. The result is not your average annual report but one that informs its primary audience (i.e., YDSP members) of the Pueblo’s emergency response. The 2020 Year-End report also creates a sensitive record of an unprecedented year of loss and transition. The latter is represented with gradients throughout the report. As a designer, it was a true honor to be entrusted to work with YDSP on this critical document.
This report earned Second Place in the PRINT Awards 2022 Annual Reports category and was featured in this social media video clip created by PRINT. 
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