In Spring of 2016, the real world project I assigned to my students was to design a logo and informational trifold brochure for The Rescue Mission of El Paso, a local homeless shelter that also provides meals, showers and laundry facilities, job search help, and counseling and bible study classes for those in need. The shelter was about to move from its location—wedged between the border fence and Interstate 10, very close to the UTEP campus—to a new facility due to the fact that TxDOT purchased their land to make way for an addition to I-10. The Mission also asked they we design a logo for their Hallelujah! BBQ, a new restaurant they will also open to provide its residents with food industry job training. 
With the new facility, the Mission desired a new look, one that would better convey its message and roles. They contacted me, given this class’s past reputation of taking on jobs for non-profits and the common good. Megan Pratt, the Director of Marketing at Rescue Mission of El Paso came to the class and met with my students to outline the project and answer any questions the student designers had. Student research included visiting the Mission on site, speaking with its residents, and eating at its restaurant. 
The class then had about a month to create their logos and trifold brochures. The six best designs were eventually selected to be presented to the Rescue Mission. In the end, student Hector Chavira Rubio’s designs were chosen by the Rescue Mission and immediately implemented in the Mission’s online presence, including their website:, social media, newsletter, etc. Hector and I were both invited to the Mission’s ribbon cutting ceremony of their new building and celebration lunch on October 22, 2016.
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