I designed this Ysleta Del Sur Pueblo 2019 Year-End Report for the Ysleta del Sur Pueblo, a Puebloan Native American tribal entity located in the Ysleta section of El Paso, Texas. With a focus on the traditional foods of the tribe, the report features photos and text that document the creation of time-honored recipes created by various tribal members and the stories that accompany them. To achieve this, we worked with a Tiguan photographer whom I art directed during the cooking or baking process. Separating each section is a spread containing a full-bleed image of the dish, facing in-progress images with a removable, perforated recipe card. The bright silver spiral-bound report was expertly printed and assembled by Tovar Printing of El Paso, Texas and complements its silver metallic embossed varnish of illustrations of the dishes' ingredients that pops strikingly against a deep sunset purple cover. 
The result is not your average annual report, but one that informs its intended audience beautifully while creating a record of favorite tribal cuisine. As designer, it was a true honor to work with Tigua members on this project. Above all, I am grateful for the experience I will not soon forget of being a welcome guest at the table to experience these delicious and special dishes firsthand.
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